A history park

In 1660, this strategic location played a decisive role in the battle opposing the French and its Huron allies to the Iroquois.

Attacked in Carillon by the latter, the young military chief Adam Dollard des Ormeaux and his troops were massacred after having resisted to the siege for several days, thereby saving the colony.

Close to 300 years later, clergyman Lionel Groulx, who was about to become a religious canon, became one of the most prominent instigators for the recognition of Dollard des Ormeaux as a national hero by decree. A commemoration monument honoring the soldier was erected in 1919 in the village of Carillon. Nearby, the Carillon Park harbors an imposing abstract memorial. Composed of 18 monoliths, the masterpiece represents the 17 companions as well as the Indian nations that fought alongside Dollard des Ormeaux. The work of art is a creation of the writer and architect Jacques Folch-Ribas, in collaboration respectively with the painter and sculptor Paul Borduas and Jordi Bonet.

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Camping and parking

AIM Festival is located at Parc Carillon in Saint-André- d’Argenteuil and offers a complete festival experience with camping for the entire weekend.



An AIM Experience ticket automatically gives you access to the free camping zone, specially set up for the event with temporary installations. There are no fees to stay in that zone for the duration of the 3-day festival. It works on a first come, first serve basis. You may bring your own food. However, note that in the free camping zone, ALCOHOL is STRICTLY PROHIBITTED at all hours for the duration of the 3-day festival. AIM Experience festival reserves the right to expulse anyone who does not abide to the rules.


The $ camping zone is located in a reserved area with permanent bathrooms and showers. You may bring your own food. This zone is a reserved 18 years + area, alcohol is permitted.


3 days (fri-sat-sun) $40 + tax and applicable service fees
2 days (sat-sun) $27.50 + tax and applicable service fees
1 day (fri) $15 + tax and applicable service fees

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

RVs will be admitted in the $ camping zone in a reserved area for these types of vehicles. All caravan-style vehicles with integrated beds or tents will also be placed here, as for security reasons no vehicles will be permitted elsewhere on both campgrounds.

Price: $20.00/ day for the VRs plus the camping access fees per person for the $ camping depending on the number of days stayed.



For security reasons, campfires will unfortunately not be permitted on campgrounds for the duration of the festival.

The camping’s check-out is at noon. You will need the appropriate day camping bracelet to stay in that zone

To have adjacent lots, groups must arrive at the same time. First come, first serve.

No vehicles will be permitted on the campsite.

AIM Green Camping

Reusable cup program that eliminates nearly all plastic cups on site.

We will also integrate a new green initiative which encouraging attendees to turn in a piece of garbage such as an empty bottle or empty cigarette pack to the AIM Green Booth in exchange for a gift.

All dishes will be recyclable or compostable.

Introduction of an on-site water fountain to encourage festival-goers to reuse their water bottles and reduce the number of plastic bottles generated by the event.

A public compost bin.

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